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Blueberry Diesel x Triple OG - Dabs Badder

Strain rating:
THC 65.9%
CBD 0.1%
Blueberry Diesel x Triple OG - Dabs Badder
Puddletown Organics
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About this product

Smoke-Rite Cured Resin Budder is produced from flower direct from Nectar’s own farms in the beautiful Applegate Valley. Smoke-Rite Budder is made using an extraction process that maximizes the yield of desirable compounds, resulting in a highly concentrated product that delivers a powerful and long-lasting high. The smooth and creamy consistency of Budder makes it easy to work with, whether you're dabbing, vaping, or using it in other ways. With cannabis this amazing you are going to want to share it with everyone! Which you can now do with Smoke-Rite’s 7 pre-roll pack. Show all your friends the amazing quality of Smoke-Rite cannabis so they too can experience the amazing flavor and high this cannabis gives. Don’t smoke the wrong way with sub-par weed. Get yourself some Smoke-Rite products and experience the premium quality of cannabis grown the Rite Way."

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