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RedEye 420 Dispensary

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RedEye 420 Dispensary
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7 ROLLED Joints - 3.5 grams total per Pack We only use locally sourced, terpene rich premium indoor flower for our rolled JOINTS and nothing else! We use "M" shape crutches in our rolled JOINTS to allow good air flow and avoid flower particles to pass through We roll ground flower like the old fashioned way to make our rolled JOINTS, instead of packing it in a preassembled cone We only use premium, slow burning paper to enhance the smoking experience of our rolled JOINTS Our rolled JOINTS don't clog or canoe and hence there is no waste Our rolled JOINTS are cylindrical in shape (not a cone) so they smoke consistent all the way till the end Our packing is 100% recyclable without compromising the freshness of our rolled JOINTS Our entire rolled JOINTS facility is completely climate controlled maintaining the correct temperature, humidity & storage conditions Our carton of rolled JOINTS consists of 24 packs of 3.5 grams weighing 3 oz. total which is a patients legal purchase limit All of our rolled JOINTS are strain specific with high THC and Terpene levels All of our rolled JOINTS packs are labelled with a QR code for conveniently accessing full testing results All of our rolled JOINTS are packaged in a convenient, environmentally responsible and easy to carry pack.

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