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“As a hangover cure strategy, and to help take my mind off the excruciating transition from totally tanked back to sobriety, I decided to take my dog on a little day trip to Santa Barbara this afternoon. Although we stopped and medicated at serene El Capitan, the main point of this trip was to check out Santa Barbara Cara Center (SBCC).... I live in San Luis Obispo, where only delivery services are available for acquiring the power flower. Wile these are often convenient, they do not offer the experience of a dispensary, so I decided to check this one out since I knew it would be a pleasant drive where I could pull off to exercise the dog and share nature with nature ;) I could not have been more pleased with my experience at the club. Paul absolutely hooked it up, and recommended some of the most fire couch lock netlflix enhancing lab-rat ish that you can put a flame to, and he didn't go light on the weight. In fact he was very generous, and threw in 2 high dose candies, and 2 keef infused prerolls that get the job done righttt. Prices are fair. If I would drive 2 hours to go back to this place (and I will), I think it would be well worth your time to make a trip and check it out. Highly Recommend!”

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