Seed Of Life Delivery Deals

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    Receive 7 grams of King Louie for $50

    Valid from 9/15/2017 to 1/20/2018.

    This deal cannot be combined with other deals

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  • First Time Patient Deal

    You will receive a personalized First Time Patient box with your first order! Packed with Love! It Includes: - Grinder - Lighter - All natural Rolling Paper - Premium Shelf OG Pre-Rolled Joint - Sticker - Magnet - Palo Santo (Wood Incense)

    Valid from 3/20/2017 to 3/20/2018.

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  • 4 Grams Monday on all 1/8s

    Receive an extra 0.5 gram on all of your 1/8 orders made on Mondays

    Valid from 3/28/2017 to 3/28/2018.

    Certain strains may not be included in this deal.

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  • Free Joint Wednesday

    We give away free premium shelf OG Joint for orders placed on Wednesdays

    Valid from 3/20/2017 to 3/20/2018.

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  • Write a review on Leafly to receive free Joint

    Write us a review on Leafly and get free Premium Shelf OG Joint on your next order!

    Valid from 3/20/2017 to 3/20/2018.

    Its required that the patients must let us know on their next order stating that they have left a review on us with their account name.

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  • Recycling Program

    Return 5 Jars to the driver and receive a FREE premium OG Joint on your next order.

    Valid from 3/20/2017 to 3/21/2018.

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