Sunray Cannabis Deals

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  • Special 30% THC Fire Flowers &more..

    Premium Flower Deals: Also $4.20 pre roll $4.20/Gram, $15/ 1/8 Sour Diesel THC 22.7% Shango farm $5/Gram, $17.5/ 1/8 Golden State Cookies by Yerba Buena $5.8/Gram $20.8/ 1/8 Fortune Cookies by Yerba Buena $5.8/Gram $20.8/ 1/8 Tangie Banana Suprise by Yerba Buena $5.8/Gram $20/ 1/8 AK-48 By Yerba Buena $8.4/Gram $29.2/ 1/8 Voyager 1' THC 28.5% 7 Point Oregon (super deal) Dannabis Connoisseur Special as of 1/18/2018 $27.5/1/8 Lodi Dodi- Trainwreck x Super silver haze $32.5/ 1/8 Narnia- Jack Herer x trainwreck $31.7/ 1/8 Tangerine Powers-7 Points $33.3/ 1/8 Cherry Pie and Sunset Sherbert- 7 points $32.5/ 1/8 Moon Puppies THC 30.4%-7 Points $29.2/ 1/8 Voyager 1 THC 28.5%- 7 Points (Sativa) $40 1/8 Silverhawk THC 29.31%- Yerba Buena (Sativa) Super Silver Haze x the White $41.6 1/8 Valley Girl THC 30.6% (Hybrid) $43.3 1/8 Sticky Bitch THC 30.4%-7 Points (Indica) $43.3 1/8 Snow Leoppard THC 30.8% (Indica) Shatter Deals: Hush BHO Shatters: $16.7/Gram Black Hat BHO Shatter (premium Hush): $18.3/Gram Dark Star BHO Premium Shatter: $17.5/Gram FlapJax BHO Premium Shatter: $21.7/Gram NW Kind BHO Premium Shatter: $20.8/Gram NW Kind Nug Run BHO Premium Shatter: $26.7/Gram Premium Oil Cartridge Deals: Shango Premium Distillate Cartridge: $25/1/2 Gram & $41.7/Gram Select Elite Distillate Cartridge:$41.7/Gram on select strains Orchid Essential Cartridge Deals: Orchid Cartridge: $50/Gram Orchid Kit with Battery:$60/Gram Eddible Deals: MED Squibs $15, CBD Squibs $15, Rec Squibs $15 Chalice Eddibles $12.5 Wyld Chocolate 5mg single serving: $2.5 each Serra Chocolate $5 each

    Valid from 1/1/2018 to 2/1/2018.

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