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CORE x Tower Three | Half Pint | THC-A Isolate | .5g

CORE x Tower Three
Strain rating:
THC 96.0%
CBD 0.1%
CORE x Tower Three | Half Pint | THC-A Isolate | .5g

About this product

Experience the epitome of collaboration with the groundbreaking union of CORE and Tower Three in their creation of THC-A Isolate. As two esteemed entities renowned for their commitment to innovation and excellence in the cannabis industry, this partnership results in a product that sets new standards for purity and potency. The THC-A Isolate is a crystalline form of THC-A, meticulously extracted and refined to an unparalleled degree of purity, ensuring a concentrate that is free from impurities and other cannabinoids. The collaboration seamlessly merges CORE's expertise in crafting premium cannabis concentrates with Tower Three's award-winning flower strain "Half Pint." The result is a THC-A Isolate that not only embodies the essence of both brands but also delivers an extraordinary experience for cannabis enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of cannabinoid refinement. Indulge in the pinnacle of quality and sophistication with this collaborative masterpiece from CORE and Tower Three.

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