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  • “I'm over 60 years old. I haven't used marijuana since I was a kid during the Vietnam War years! Imagine my face when my foot doctor suggested to me, to try marijuana it might help alleviate the pains I have! Well anyway, I took the doctors advice, along with the paper work and went about obtaining a medical marijuana card. I found myself in a good conversation with the man who runs The Farmacy, Will. He told me that nowadays you can cook with a butter made from medical marijuana, without having to smoke it. Well I now like both, and can recommend this Club to folks like me.”

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  • “I am a terminal HIV Patient living on disabilty and can say The Farmacy is a Godsend, providing SAFE ACCESS for TRUE PATIENTS!! The Staff are Honest, Helpful, Giving, Compassionate and Fully HIPPA Compliant.. This is a Private Co-op with strict rules and not for people looking to "cash in" on Medical Marijuana. I have been a Patient here for months with FULL Access to everything from hard candies, to wax, vaporizer pens, edibles, Oil, concentrates, and dried flowers. I have not paid a dime for anything from my first half oz months ago thru today. They are truly NON PROFIT!! I have been a Patient for 6 years with NO ACCESS!! I was at the end of my rope. It was not until I found 'The Farmacy' did I have a continuous and uninterrupted supply of Medicine with honest Members who really CARE for each other! God Bless Will, and all the Members of The Farmacy for saving my life.”

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    We are Honored to help!! You are the reason we love our work. God Bless you DrTHC