The Green Joint - Parachute Deals

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  • $120 Pre-Packed OZ Deal!

    New Pre-Packed OZ deal just hit the shelf! Get top shelf ounces of multiple strains for only $120! Freshly packed, sealed and ready to go!

    Plus Tax

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  • Flower Sale - all 1/4 OZ only $40!

    All Top Shelf strains only $40 per 1/4 OZ!

    Colorado Residents only, plus tax.

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  • 4:20 Four Pack of Joints!

    Get 4 joints for $25 out the door with your Colorado drivers' license, or 4 for $30 with an out of state ID.

    Valid until 2/7/2020.

    4 joints for $25 with Colorado drivers' license

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  • Leave a Kind review

    50% off of one of our pre rolled cones after you leave a kind review. Reviews must be posted prior to eligible discount.

    Leave a Kind review

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  • Munchie Mondaze!

    Enjoy 10% off all edibles every Monday!

    Valid until 2/8/2020.

    10% off edibles on Monday

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  • Vape Cart Special!

    Get two 500mg Chroma or O.pen Reserve cartridges for only $75!

    Tax Included

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  • Hump Day Oz Special!

    All strains only $160 per oz every Wednesday!!!

    Valid until 1/2/2020.

    CO Residents only, plus tax.

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  • Local's Discount

    Local residents from Grand Junction to Eagle get special pricing on bud and joints!!

    Locals get special pricing on bud and joints

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  • 2g Wax/Shatter for $75

    Get 2 grams of Craft Wax or Shatter for $75. Tax included.

    Valid until 6/28/2020.

    Happy Camper or Concentrated Love products processed with our very own flower!

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