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The Mint Cannabis - Tempe

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Canamo Live Hash Rosin - Kush Mints (H) (1g)

Strain rating:
THC 82.3%
CBD 0.2%
Canamo Live Hash Rosin - Kush Mints (H) (1g)
The Mint Cannabis - Tempe
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Canamo’s live hash rosin is crafted using only single source, whole plant Sonoran Roots’ fresh frozen flower, harvested at peak maturity and frozen within minutes of harvest. The hash is processed and washed using highly purified water, and agitated in a cold environment, just above freezing temperatures. Once the material is washed, only the largest and most resinous trichome heads are pressed into Canamo's premium Live Hash Rosin. Further filtration is employed, with precise control of heat and pressure, resulting in a solventless hash oil. The live rosin can be savored immediately in its 'fresh press' consistency, or in alternative consistencies like Cold Cure, Badder, and Jam. These variations are achieved through different timings, temperatures, and techniques during the curing and post-production phases. Live Hash Rosin is renowned for being one of the most authentic representations of the living plant, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. *AVERAGE POTENCY RANGE: 80% - 90% Total Cannabinoids *AVERAGE TERPENE CONTENT: 5% - 10% Total Terpenes *IDEAL DAB TEMP: 450F-550F *PRO TIP: It is highly recommended to store live hash rosin in cold conditions to preserve its flavor. For the most enjoyable experience, always use low temperatures when dabbing live rosin.

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