The Station Boulder Deals

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  • $90 Select OZ for February!

    Get an ounce of a select strain for February for $90 Out the Door!!! RECREATIONAL

    Valid from 2/7/2018 to 3/1/2018.

    Discount only applies to specified strains.

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  • Buy 1, Get 1 Grams of XG Concentrates!

    Buy one gram of select concentrates from XG and get one for a penny.

    Valid from 2/8/2018 to 3/1/2018.

    While supplies last. Select Strains. No other discounts apply. REC ONLY.

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  • Buy 1, Get 1 Grams of Denver Dab Co. Wax/Shatter!

    MEDICAL ONLY. Buy 1 gram of Denver Dab Co. Wax or Shatter and get 1 for a penny.

    Valid from 2/12/2018 to 3/1/2018.

    Medical Only. Select Strains only. While Supplies Last.

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  • $50/OZ of SHAKE on Thursdays!!!

    Get an ounce of Shake for $50 Pre-Tax on Thursdays.

    Valid from 9/11/2017 to 9/15/2020.

    No other discounts apply. *While Supplies Last*

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  • Weekly Flower Deals

    Each week (Monday-Sunday) we select 3 strains to be our lowest tier pricing! Pre-tax pricing: Gram $9, Eighth $25.

    Can be combined with our Early Bird Special (Every day until 11am) and our Happy Hour (Every day 2-4pm). While Supply Lasts.

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  • Merch Monday! 20% OFF Merchandise!

    Every Monday take 20% OFF any Merchandise purchase!

    Only available on Mondays. Early Bird and Happy Hour applies!

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  • Medical Daily Deals

    For Colorado Medical Card-holders only: Monday: 15% OFF Edibles (Members get 25% total) Tuesday: Buy a gram Joint and get a half gram for a penny Wednesday: 15% off Concentrates (Members get 25% total) Thursday: 15% OFF Topicals (Members get 25% total) Friday: 4 Gram Eighths (Limit 2) Saturday: 15% OFF Caviar Bud (Members get 25% total) Sunday: Any Quarter $45 (Limit 1)

    Valid until 2/9/2020.

    Can be combined with Early Bird Special. Limit of 25% off with discount combination.

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  • Wax Wednesday! Buy 2, Get 1!

    Wax Wednesday! Buy 2 Grams of Select Concentrates, Get 1 Gram for a penny!

    Only available on Wednesday. Select strains available. Vape cartridges not included.

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  • Fatty Friday! 4 Gram Eighths

    Eighths are weighed extra heavy on Fridays.

    Rec - Limit 1, Med - Limit 2

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  • Two Joint Tuesday! Two Joints for the Price of 1!

    Get two joints for the price of one on Tuesdays. We have strain specific joints as well as Caviar joints!

    Only available on Tuesdays.

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