Zen Leaf - Elizabeth (Adult Use)

Zen Leaf - Elizabeth (Adult Use)

Elizabeth, NJ
  In-store purchasing only

8 Reviews of Zen Leaf - Elizabeth (Adult Use)

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May 9, 2022
I wish they had more options for flowers they sell out so fast
May 16, 2022
Flowers is not promising. Good luck to you
May 25, 2022
Options and quality is pretty great for one of the first Rec Dispensaries in the general area. Lines are long but moves super quick. Enough options to hold me over until more pops off! People have to remember this is very early, and just the beginning! Great service.
May 8, 2022
They have good product. But don't have a lot of different strands n when they do they run low quick.
June 17, 2022
Great prices, clean, friendly!!!
April 17, 2024
There are several legit dispensaries in Queens now, but this one is so good, the people so wonderfully knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and all the good things, and they have such amazing discounts, that sometimes I just have to jump in my old Camry, turn up my music, and take the Verrazano to Jersey! It doesn’t hurt that I love to drive, of course. If you know what you want, and see it on the website, it’s a good idea to order in advance (pay when you arrive), because it might be gone by the time you arrive. If not, you can describe exactly what you are looking for and ask all the questions and pretty much guaranteed anyone there can answer them all or find out for you, and do it with a smile. Never met a person in a bad mood, the clientele is so diverse (gotta love how weed brings us together!), just try it! The ONLY downside is there’s no bathroom, but they’ll always tell you the grocery store next door has one, or if you’re a wuss like me who doesn’t want to ask, there’s a McDs down the street. :)
June 14, 2022
Quality low prices too high keep the fancy packaging can’t see or smell what you buying and the rewards program is impossible to access or use I will give it one more try
May 30, 2023
Great experience.