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Cataract Kush .5g Cartridge, Live Resin

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Cataract Kush .5g Cartridge, Live Resin
Zen Leaf - Gilbert
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100% Indica, 0% Sativa. Citrus, Diesel, Skunk, Spice Cataract Kush is a unique 100% Indica strain combining LA Confidential and OG Kush, meticulously developed by DNA Genetics. As one of our signature strains, Cataract Kush boasts a high THC content (20-24%). This strain, expertly crafted by Timeless Vapes for those seeking relief, makes it a top choice for both medicinal and recreational vape enthusiasts. Our Cataract Kush strain offers a remarkable flavor experience, a highlight in the Timeless Noir strain lineup. Influenced by LA Confidential and OG Kush, this strain’s primary flavor profile includes top notes of citrus and diesel, along with bottom notes of skunk and spice, making it a flavor-rich choice. The flavor complexity of this strain is further enhanced by our unique terpene blend in the vape cartridge, featuring True Terpenes Live Resin “Durban Gelato,” adding gasoline, sweet citrus, and cool earth tones to the vape flavor mix.

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