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Zion Cannabis - Ontario

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Farmers F RSO 1g (H)- Pineapple JGR

Strain rating:
THC 24.2%
Farmers F RSO 1g (H)- Pineapple JGR
Zion Cannabis - Ontario
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1g Glass Cartridge - Pineapple JGR (grown by East Fork Cultivars) 2:1 CBD Our cartridges are filled with our signature RCO, Refined Cannabis Oil, which features the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our CO2 extraction process keeps the cannabinoids and terpenes together throughout processing and results in an activated oil (you can eat it!) that tastes and feels as the grower intended. No additives, preservatives, distillate, or non-cannabis ingredients. All Quartz Glass Cartridge - No Heavy Metals - Ceramic Coil - Big Vapor - No Burnt Taste - Fast Heating - Good down to the last drop - BBTANK Technology Cannabinoids 73.94 % CBD 48.95 % THC 21.57 % CBG 1.67 % Terpenes 5.54 %

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