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What is 22?

22 is a Jack Herer cross from Cali Connection. This extremely pungent fortification of Jack Herer yields fat buds packed with cannabinoids, making them prime starting material for extractors. Its aroma is a mixture of pine and floral notes with touches of spice on the finish. 22 benefits from a slightly longer flowering time, giving way to an abundant and flavorful yield just on the other side of 10 weeks.      

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22 Flavors

  • 1. Pine
  • 2. Pungent
  • 3. Skunk

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“Walked in Nairobi and found this. Best feeling ever.”

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“Great daytime strain, I personally use it right before I have a work out. It’s my go to pre-workout gym strain, I find myself getting lost in the music and the feeling of my body working as it also keeps me anxiety free calm and almost in a Meditative state while pushing my body to its full potential!! Try smoking a joint of this and taking a spin class it’s awesome!! Much love fellow beings !”