A-Dub Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pretty amazing high, very potent. Don't plan on doing anything but relaxing after you smoke this strain.”

  • “A-dub was a really solid strain, the lady who sold it to me said it tested at 30 some percent but after smoking it I could tell that wasn't true. It was a solid strain but it lacked in a true knock out punch (we were told it was a powerful indica). This would be a great concert strain or maybe a fun walk in the woods. The taste was pleasant and nothing too harsh. I would try it again but I would try to get it at a be...”

  • “A hybrid flower, A-Dub has dark orange tiny hairs curled into the trichomes, giving off a straight lemon pepper tart aura. When smoked, (I used my little bubbler for this strain) the softening of your stresses literally? pulls through the hit like a genie in a bottle cloud that pulls over all of you. This potent relaxation blankets over your whole face with a dissolving buzz and ever so slightly sinks into your toes....”

  • “Dense nuggs, with great crystals. Definitely some flame! 😈👍👍💣👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥💨💨😆😆😆”

  • “this strain was very potent and tastey. mellow relaxing body high with nice cerebral effects.”

  • “Heavy for a hybrid. Indica body load / sedation. Still some fun head high for watching a show. Definitely an even, my shit's done, time to lay out and crash smoke for me.”

  • “Best of the best with a high THC percentage. Find that right spot on the couch”

  • “This is a great daytime strain. Flavor is very mellow and would consider it earthy, slightly woody, but also has a little zest at the very end that seems almost menthol/minty, but this is very very faint and wouldn't be noticed unless vaping. This strain helps relax me, but doesn't have much of any pain relief. Can be felt behind the eyes and in the face (love this feeling). Helps with depression, stress, and most of...”