AK-48 Reviews

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  • “I have 40+ years experience growing and using cannabis, a masters degree in agri/horticulture from MSU and will break each review down as follows from my own personal experience with seeds or clones obtained directly from the original breeders: - Use; Sativa effects, happy, euphoric, relaxed, great for depression, anxiety, stress, motivation and daytime use. This is a very nice strain by Nirvana Seeds and their ver...”

  • “AK48 has been a nice natural supplement to use in my cancer treatment. Gives you your life back with NO harsh side effects = PERFECT”

  • “AK-48 has helped me in so many ways with respect to my cancer. My appetite has resumed as normal, I sleep GREAT, less depression, moments of bliss, less pain and increased level of hope for survival. It is, without a doubt, my personal favorite, strongly recommended.”

  • “this strain was amazing, got an 1.5 oz, the high was a creeper but it was defiantly a couch lock after the third load into the bong. smoked a blunt with a friend, we got lost in the taco bell restroom, not for new smokers.”

  • “Was able to obtain a Jar of this beautiful Medicine. Fantastic soaring Euphoria, as the CBN quality of this Strain hits your Opiate Reseptors. A must.”

  • “Makes me happy to be alone. I don't seem to need company. I become introspective.”

  • “When grown to its full potential its up their with my favorites first smoke smelled of that old gum with the fuckin zebra on it. The potent hue of fruit is its signature perfection in my opinion high sativa feel with good pain releif, most notable is help with gastrointestinal disorders.”

  • “This is a crazy strain! Strong visuals, complex and creative thinking. Newbies be careful, you might overreact to the effects.”