Alien Hallucination Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Dense Christmas tree style flowers. Smooth smoking.Excellent flavor and aroma. Heady, but not overpowering.”

  • “Wow! I wasn't expecting for once since I've been a patient for the name to actually do what it's supposed to do. This strain is a must keep, must have, & forever enjoy experience. Great Job To H4L, East Mesa Location, AZ. By the way it took me ten minutes & auto correct to do this message.”

  • “Do you know how on movies and TV whenever someone smokes weed they start hallucinating? We all know that's not true, but if you could have a strain that gives you that feeling, it would be this beautiful bud.”

  • “looked great, tasted great but the high was lacking, reminded me of gold extracts high in thc low in terps giving a clean light high that lacks complexity, complexity and ummph. decent weed to smoke before work or class, just chill feeling.”

  • “This is my favorite strain and I always get it when I find it. The effects are very euphoric, creative and uplifting but it doesn't make me anxious. Plus, it smells like Skittles.”

  • “I always thought Blue Dream was favorite strain... Not anymore! Super dense buds that will leave your fingers feeling as is they're covered in glue. Head-lifting highs that create for the most wonderful music listening experience. Brings you back to where it all began. Don't undermine the indica in this herb either. 50 minutes post-vaping (highly recommend) body felt like the most amazing beanbag you've ever sat on!...”

  • “nice head and nice body without. being over whelming. boom!”

  • “At first glance, I noticed this bud. It was super light green in color with red hair's everywhere absolutely covered in crystals. This strain taste wise reminded me alot of strawberry diesel. This bud looks awesome but it smokes kind of light for my preference. Overall I would give this strain a 7.5 out of 10 rating.”