American Dream Reviews

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  • “The sensation you get after hitting American Dream... can only be compared to the feeling of taking your first step onto Ellis Island while gazing up at the Statue of Liberty’s wondrous bosom after completing your long journey across the Atlantic to escape your war-torn homeland. And that sensation my friends... is greatness.”

  • “this is the best cannabis I have ever tried”

  • “American Dream is a truly American strain. The pungent aroma gives me the feeling of hardwork and dedication. The gritty, full-bodied, cinnamon-like taste reminds of a hard day's work. And the high... is even better. It's the gratitude that comes with hardwork and perserverance. It's that sense of accomplishment after a productive day. It's that rewarding prosperity that the American Dream promises. This is truly an ...”

  • “I'm living with cancer, and was just gifted some American Dream and fired it up when I got home. I'm glad I waited to get home. You know that saying "eat (smoke) this and you got a half hour to get someplace safe".. Um, not with this. I was high as I was exhaling I think. My knee hurt before I fired up, and its like what knee was it that was hurting? Also had a stomach ache and now I'm eating. It's one of the best ...”

  • “I think I’m in loooovveeee! I’m LIT right now.: I feel alienated like an alien.. but I don’t come to hurt I come to share my MEDICINAL LOOVVEE 😛❤️👽🍃🍃❤️”

  • “This strain really clamped me down, defiantly got me focused yet relaxed. Since I have ADD it got me right to work. Then after I was done my body was relaxed and made me have the best sleep of my life.”

  • “A very crisp high; deep but incredibly functional.”

  • “Truly a beautiful strain. One of the best highs I've ever gotten, extremely relaxing, very charming hybrid!”