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Amethyst Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “When you first get high you start feeling tingly, and then when your high hits, you wanna get up and do something. Then you get hungry, and then when you come down you start getting sleepy.”

  • “Deep purple with white hairs. Nice to look at. Dense with quite a bit of THC all over it. Relaxing high. (alone/solo). Overall, typical high.”

  • “Really, really level and focused high. Wonderful fruity and lavender notes on it make it especially delicious out of a bong. It's definitely a day time strain, very focused and mellow, it made my back pain non-existent. Fantastic stuff.”

  • “I tried the Amethyst by Zion Botanicals last night after working a long day. Made me nice and relaxed without being overly sleepy and added a nice touch of humor to life. A nice mellow hybrid for afternoon or evening. Mostly physical sensation, was able to be focused and clear pretty easily... at least clear enough to make Belgian waffles at 10:30PM. Tasted pretty sweet and smooth to me, like rich blackberry with...”

  • “In my time I've smoked a lot of marijuana. This strain lived to the price of its stone. This high lifted my pain and kept my in a euphoria. Most unique experience ever.”

  • “I love Zion botanicals Amethyst best of all so far. It's a euphoric, arousing blend that gets me both happy and pretty horny. It has just enough indica in it to give you a nice body high, plus it's just a fun hybrid.”

  • “very sweet! very tasty! a nice relaxed high with a easy come down no sloppy high!”

  • “Back when I first started smoking marijuana it was either hard to find or expensive to find FIRE weed in my part of AZ... But when me and my step father came across this amethyst, dear lord we were in heaven. My guess is that the cut we received was leaning more towards a grand daddy purp pheno, considering it was pretty much purple all over and flooded with crystals... Damn would I love to see this one pop up in CO ...”