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Amethyst Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Good for physical activity. Leafly nailed this one on the head with suggesting Amethyst for outdoor activity. I took a hike with my friend & our dogs and Amethyst had me feeling pretty energized and excited the whole time. Towards the end of the high I started to feel less focused but still pretty present. I stumbled upon Amethyst from Phoenix at Herbery-205 because I thought the name indicated it would produce a hig...”

  • “I am currently high on this and let me tell you this is some of the best weed I have ever hit bro my dude sells this for ten dollars for 2.5 and I'm In the stars. I took one hit of my bowl and I felt amazing then I decided to hit some dabs cuz you know why not(just left a party) and for enyone out there looking for that good shit this is it I'm not paranoid or have anxiety I'm just Melo af - OGKushPanda”

  • “I got to try this the other day. I’ve been under stress to the point that I’ve had a upset stomach due to it. Horrible stomach pain. I smoked this pretty nug and it was sweet tasting, a hint of a floral taste . I suffer from anxiety to me it leveled me out. I felt my stomach pain disappear within minutes. I felt happy ( I’ve been in a horrible mood for awhile now) and I was talkative. You can definitely function on t...”

  • “I personally really enjoyed this strain for one reason the flavor is amazing”

  • “Bring this beautiful strain into Vancouver BC”

  • “If this is the same as purple amethyst (couldn't find it on the site) this strain to me felt more indica gave me a very mellow relaxed feeling. and had me drifting away to sleep shortly after lying down.”

  • “Amethyst is very good smoke! This was the first strain I tried from Zion Botanicals, and i'm hooked. Awesome hybrid. It's great mixed with zions Ganesh Berry. Very good weed!!”

  • “Good for physical activity”