Animal Cookies Reviews

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  • “While GSC is still my preference, after spending an afternoon indulging in this strain to a point of near tweaking, I have to say it was very enjoyable. Not overly arousing, which is something I'm always on the lookout for, but highly visual much like the Fire OG from which it is born though a bit more subtle when consumed at a low to moderate level. I, however, went all out and noticed that, when writing text, the...”

  • “I have really bad cramps being a girl, it feels like my insides are twisting. If you're a girl you may be going through this too, regular over the counter pain medicine doesn't help me. This knock out my pain after the first two hits, it kind of sends your body off and makes it feel as if you're floating. This strain makes your body feel tingly and light. I would definitely use this strain for anything pain related.”

  • “Wild taste, great high. Medium Couch-Lock. Noon-Bedtime is when I'd smoke this.”

  • “I'm new to the medical marijuana community, and I've been enjoying trying different strains. So far, I'm liking this one quite a bit. I've tried Thin Mint Cookies before, which I very much enjoyed, so I was excited to try this one. I am not disappointed! I found this made cleaning my house much more enjoyable. But I do notice that if I'm a bit tired, or if I relax to watch a movie or TV show, it's likely that I'...”

  • “i didnt respect this strain so i kept smooking looking for a cieling. 5 grams later, i was on a cieling contemplating the profitability of solar panels in space and beaming down the energy when my cell phone rang, my family was frantic, memories were hazed, i had managed to end up 3 states away, upon checking out my statement showed $1853 in room service charges, pornos, food galore, candy, spirits, limo service, in...”

  • “Very nice high. It has a nice thick smoke and it kicks in fast and hard. This may land on my top three. Zero anxiety and lots euphoria. Can't give a fuck while on animal cookies.”

  • “First time smoking this strain. Couch lock high. Pain blocking. Good strain for pain but don't expect to go anywhere.”

  • “First time with Platinum AC and I figd I would vape a while and maybe a bit more, til I found my zone and this strain put me there in 5 minutes. Amazing resinous buds with dense grass green color, gold hairs, with a immediate hell yeah reaction to the pungent smell. Pain relief, loving music, food and life in general. Five stars easy. Not for the faint of heart❤️”