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Ape Shit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I can definitely feel both the indica and sativa effects of this strain. After 2 hits of this, I can already feel my body relax and I feel very calm. But, at the same time, I get a nice head high. I can choose to have a very productive day or I can chill and listen to music. This weed definitely gives me the giggles and helps me smile a lot. 100% useful for anxiety and depression.”

  • “This is a neat strain, the blending of the sativa and Indica comes together magically by using the Cinderella 99 for shortening flowering time and allowing the blending of the traits of both parents without lengthening the flowering from adding the Acapulco Gold. The buzz is very original for a flower, reminds me of the mellow analgesic high Rick simpson oil provides, while Augmenting the high with with the antidepr...”

  • “Uplifting. Releases any mental and physical tension Feels like edible kind of high. Makes you feel light like you can float. Definitely recommend for an inspirational yet relaxing pick me up. Nice fruity taste and goes down smooth”

  • “I suffer from MDD (major depressive disorder) and anxiety. Just a couple hits in - already feeling uplifted. It’s a great buzz in your head, awesome relaxation throughout body. Doesn’t make anxiety more pronounced, calms you down. But not so much that you get sleepy. I was able to be stoned (or just a little high) and not feel tired afterwards. High is pretty long lasting tho. Ape Shit gives me one of the best highs...”

  • “I loved this strain. Period. It gave me a very relaxed, yet giggly feeling that wasn't easily overwhelming. HIGHly recommend.”