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Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this strain is perfect for early afternoon or morning smokes, as it gives the user a relaxed yet focused mindset. however, an evening smoke with friends is ideal too, as feelings of intense happiness occur along with fits of laughter. overall a great strain!”

  • “Got this keeper strain at Good Meds. I guess this strain is rare in Colorado so just hit up Good Meds if you want some. My review here is after vaping 4 mildly-cloudy vapor hits with my tiny Vapcap and I figure I have about a medium tolerance at this time. A51 is a tad sticky with green buds and orange/white tricomes. It’s a creeper that peaks at about 20 min. Smell is strong...the typical wonderful weed aroma.....”

  • “Very good strain amazing high very euphoric only problem was the taste was ehh but definitely would smoke again”

  • “Area 51 (the base) & Area 51 (the bud) have one thing in common & that is a lot about them is unknown. This super rare Hybrid comes from unknown parents & a THC level of 20%. I felt happy, uplifted, lazy, & relaxed from these firm buds that were light green with some medium green. The buds were encrusted with fine crystal trichomes & had bright orange pistils. Scent & flavor was sweet, citrus, earthy, & floral. Smoke...”

  • “I first heard about this strain about 2 years ago around here in LA. I remember it was pretty good.”

  • “This is the best strain for treating depression that I've ever tried. It doesn't make my anxiety worse like flowers of the ''diesel'' or ''jack'' variety, and the mind fogginess is less drastic than any other stain I've tried excluding high CBD strains.”

  • “one of thee best strains for a weed connoisseur”