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Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “By far my favorite strain ever! No anxiety, no paranoia. Can function during the day and helps with my insomnia and appetite but not too munchies.”

  • “this strain is perfect for early afternoon or morning smokes, as it gives the user a relaxed yet focused mindset. however, an evening smoke with friends is ideal too, as feelings of intense happiness occur along with fits of laughter. overall a great strain!”

  • “Geez did I love this? The sativa was so strong it made night feel like day! It doesn't hit your body hard but good enough to relax if you want to. It's very potent, the head high it gives is very whirling. A beautiful high at that”

  • “Excellent in taste and high. Was a very uplifting high and made me more socially active. This is easily in my top ten strain favorites.”

  • “well I came a crossed it this year I'm from Bakersfield CA and got told there Indica but found out different and smiled I love sativa it help my bi polar but you guys can look at them on fb at Frank Morris the one with the pic of weed plz and got seed start and got 12 different og and sativa and hybrid to let me know what you think”

  • “Sweet tastes overall solid sativa blaze”

  • “This was my first time smoking A51 and let me tell you, it’s some straight gas! 1st) let start off with the buds; The smell is heaven to me! It’s extremely pungent, smell is really sour with earthy & diesel undertones. This bud is Beautiful! It literally look like its covered in sugar, very white a frosty and the little bit of green you can see is bright lime. I would consider this an exotic strain, at least here on ...”

  • “one of thee best strains for a weed connoisseur”