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Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is the best strain for treating depression that I've ever tried. It doesn't make my anxiety worse like flowers of the ''diesel'' or ''jack'' variety, and the mind fogginess is less drastic than any other stain I've tried excluding high CBD strains.”

  • “well I came a crossed it this year I'm from Bakersfield CA and got told there Indica but found out different and smiled I love sativa it help my bi polar but you guys can look at them on fb at Frank Morris the one with the pic of weed plz and got seed start and got 12 different og and sativa and hybrid to let me know what you think”

  • “Sweet tastes overall solid sativa blaze”

  • “og Smooth sweetening taste left on my tongue after each hit. This strain has the pungency of OG genetics minus the spicy exhale of the original. The buds are sparkled with trichomes beneath hints of purple nugs that are complimentary to its alluring looks. Though background lineage is unknown, I'd guess it derived from a haze because of its hair pattern.”

  • “one of thee best strains for a weed connoisseur”

  • “This had some negatives and positives. The taste was disgusting it had a very musky,earthy almost moldy taste like poorly cured bud. The effects were very heady and satisfying. The appearance was amazing and the smell had a slight trace of citrus. Overall the taste killed it for me to vape so I will have to turn it into butter and still be able to enjoy the effects.”

  • “AMJ was amazing help when I came in for my 1st time. Big variety of products available for patients. Will be returning soon.”

  • “exceptional calm but focused and energized and no paranoia and not too bad with the dry mouth”