Armageddon Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “My am just a hammy flipper flapper like a monkey duck and chicken monkey man I didn't even know what I was doing Seastar rattled Kuykendoll mankind a Chippewa take a monkey man don't even know what to do with my hippie don't don't do it reconsider recent literature.”

  • “Currently day 7 of smoking this. I got only 2g last week and have made it last (she did grind up beautifully) - sadly all good things come to an end. Here we have a strain ideal for smoking through the day. I'm not really sure the high ends at all, and if it does it tapers off graaadually. I haven't really been not high in a week. However , i have failed to do anything productive. upon Completion of small tasks...”

  • “Defiantly the longest high of being baked! 6 hours man!”

  • “Calm and relaxation is a guarantee with this strain, long lasting high with a mellow downer.”

  • “Very potent, long lasting head buzz with a relaxing body high on the come down. Expect to be buzzed for 4+ hours. Excellent all-around strain in my opinion.”

  • “This strain gave me a positive and enjoyable high. I found things a lot funnier than I usually do and felt extremely relaxed. Had no difficulty getting up the next morning and didn't feel at all off or groggy, which is sometimes the case with other strains. For me, it had similar characteristics to strawberry haze. Would definitely recommend. Watch out for red eye though as I had a bad case.”

  • “f*cked me n ma hussler jim martin up”

  • “Beautiful weed if you can ever get some been smoking some home grown of this and i have to admit nice smooth toking and a lovly high which was very enjoyable i use to relive stress but at the same time smoke massive amounts of this for fun very good bud one of my favs”