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Armagnac Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A couple hits to relax, lose the stress and focus, a bowl to go to sleep for a nice, strong 8 hours. Smells and tastes delicious to boot.”

  • “okay so this strain is pretty badass, this is a strain that will get you very lazy so when your smokeing this make sure you don't have to go anywhere and you can just chill. _mellow_mads787”

  • “This strain is a good one defiantly just make sure you dont have a "To do" list for the day you smoke it.. Armagnac get's you stoned almost imminently no matter how little you smoke! your energetic and happy for a good 20-25 minuets which feels like 4 hours when your stoned Then it suppresses all pain and worries and theeeen it makes you lazy, like " I Dont Ever Wanna Leave This Bed....Ever" that type of lazy, But ...”

  • “Beautiful body, sweet aroma, and a taste that resembles a vineyard. The flavor is amazing, I feel sophisticated as shit sipping on a glass of merlot. The high is calm and relaxing but does the trick. If your feeling fancy or just want a great flower to smoke, grab this lady and I guarantee you'll be very pleased.”