Atomic Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smells very earthy but what it lacks in smell makes up from the full body high relaxation, quite euphoric as well. Smooth”

  • “First impressions of the bud is it’s beautiful, big, tight buds. It’s aroma is nothing to brag about, which isn’t a bad thing when it comes down to it. Smoking it is nice, very smoky hits that taste light and pleasant. This does not taste like it’s parent strains at all, it’s a stand-alone strain. The effects start off slow, but morph into heavy relaxation with a smile. Although I don’t want to get up and make di...”

  • “It is actually pretty good but to heavy for my taste. I would've rated with 5 staers if it wasn't for the headache.”

  • “Definitely not a strong aroma but high is great.”

  • “definitely one of my favourites. i kinda like the hint of fucking just dank nugget. it’s just crazy good. i have a lot of pain shit going on from a college hockey injury. then slipped disc in my back somewhere up by l7 or whatever idk. i don’t take pain medication so the most i can do is bud and valium and it’s crazy how much less meds i’m taking from when i moved across country to first a medicinal state, now i move...”

  • “best strain before bed time. the high will leave every atoms of your body in a deep relaxation. love this strain.”