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Avalon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Avalon wasn't bad, but by far not the best I have smoked. It made me fell hungry and gave me a great body high. It's a very good strain for the new smokers, but shoudn't be taken lightly.”

  • “This strain was alright, it has a chocolate smell.. It defiantly does get you aroused. Im saving the rest of mine for that special smoke sesh wit my girl;)”

  • “Not super heavy but nice body effect. It really does contribute to arousal ;)”

  • “Organically grown this strain has a fantastic flavour with hints of blueberry. It makes for a nice and easy mid day smoke with its stimulating high and is great for boosting the creative workflow.”

  • “got some shatter made from this strain extremely clean and potent, you can smell how pungent it is even in dab form!”