VOTS AZ Super Sour OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Oh gawd. I didn't feel anything for a while so I kept smoking then-- I felt like my brain was laughing at me as I realized I made a huge mistake. My body was obsorbed into the couch but my brain was zooming through space in a zig-zag formation but my eyes couldn't keep up with it. The strain made watching Kimmy Shmidt terrifying somehow. I kept on telling myself that all the characters were in danger of being murder...”

  • “VOTSMD's Super Sour OG is every.damn.thing. Pain relief, anti anxiety, relieves PTSD symptoms, taste bomb, full of crystals (see my pic of it magnified on just my cell phone). It is hands down the best bud I've ever smoked. This strain straight laughs at my chronic back pain and my depression and puts it where it belongs - GONE. I am so motivated on this med...but truly take the dosing slow or you will be melted to t...”

  • “this is 1 of the best strains that I've had. tastes great. super pungent with a unique taste and aroma. I wish I were in AZ so I could get more! Much props to the Valley of the Sun dispensary growers. Awesome!”

  • “I have severe PTSD and I also deal with chronic pain and this strain has made my life better I don't know what I would do without it now it has changed my life to the point where I could actually do things I've been smoking it straight for a year and 7 months and I don't plan to change strains anytime soon in short this stuff is phenomenal”

  • “Keeps me awake and baked for the daytime hours.”

  • “Love this strain thank Yu votsmd very apreciate for strain”

  • “Starts off very cerebral then chills into a very stoney relaxing high.”

  • “Just what you need when its time to fill your pocket with a big fat sack of the dankety dank.”