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Azure Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you're looking for a unique flavor profile this strain is it. smells like dirty cheese with hints on berries and buttery earth.”

  • “One of my favorite strain out there. It gives you a hazy, euphoric and time skipping high and mellows down to a nice chillax, slow paced ready to jump on the bed and see you tomorrow morning buzz.”

  • “awesome relaxed calm vibe but uplifting no crazy couch lock”

  • “Nice strain to smoke when you need to relax. Good for those stressful days. Smooth hits with a sweet berry flavor. Also good for getting your appetite going. I will add this strain on my "Go To" strain in the future.”

  • “Simply love it, great strain and even greater oil concentrate. The concentrate is a lot more sedating, and should be used in the afternoon, not during the day. but great strain two thumbs up in one sedated foot up.😎”

  • “After smoking a one-hitter bowl the high took about 5-10 mins to creep in. High starts off somewhat focused and energetic. After 15-20min the high becomes heavy and sleepy. Serious munchie cravings with this one. Perfect for watching a tv show before bed with a bowl of popcorn.”

  • “This is personally my favorite strain i have depression,axiety,PTSD,Severe insomnia,severe & chronic pain & cancer and this strain works extremely well for all if i could only pick one strain to have for the rest if my life it would be this hands down!.”

  • “Smells very nice, tastes okay, burns well too. Even with a lower THC content of its parents, it certainly delivers a Haze. Maybe a little too hazy and too sleepy for me.”