Azure Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you're looking for a unique flavor profile this strain is it. smells like dirty cheese with hints on berries and buttery earth.”

  • “awesome relaxed calm vibe but uplifting no crazy couch lock”

  • “One of my favorite strain out there. It gives you a hazy, euphoric and time skipping high and mellows down to a nice chillax, slow paced ready to jump on the bed and see you tomorrow morning buzz.”

  • “Nice strain to smoke when you need to relax. Good for those stressful days. Smooth hits with a sweet berry flavor. Also good for getting your appetite going. I will add this strain on my "Go To" strain in the future.”

  • “Simply love it, great strain and even greater oil concentrate. The concentrate is a lot more sedating, and should be used in the afternoon, not during the day. but great strain two thumbs up in one sedated foot up.😎”

  • “After smoking a one-hitter bowl the high took about 5-10 mins to creep in. High starts off somewhat focused and energetic. After 15-20min the high becomes heavy and sleepy. Serious munchie cravings with this one. Perfect for watching a tv show before bed with a bowl of popcorn.”

  • “Cracking it open smells like straight blueberries, its insane! Nice high, nice flavor, and pretty active, what more can you ask for? Perfect.”

  • “Picked some of this off recently, the smell was blue berry with hints of classic haZe nothing to special but potent. The taste ranged from dank blue cheese to blueberries, soothing high munchies for sure”