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B4 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love this strain.Great body feeling while still very euphoric. Tastes and smokes amazing. Had spinal fusion surgery great for pain and muscle soreness.Its wickhed pissahh”

  • “B4 you sunk my battleship. Dude, this strain is like laughing gas, anyone with Anxiety, Depression or just wants to smile, this strain is sunshine in a bag. 🌵”

  • “Very stress relieving, but doesn't make you sleepy”

  • “This strain is exceptional relative to stress and anxiety. Euphoria is noticeable without leaving your body. Mind feels very creative. Whimsical, yet balanced. Nice breed! :-) T”

  • “Love it. This strain had me enjoying a nice buzz that kept me focused on project I was working out. Great to smoke if you still want to get shit done.”

  • “The dispensery I go to sells this strain for 20 an eighth. Perfect for someone on a budget.”

  • “personally my favorite strain of all time very blissful, happy, talkative vibe, enjoyed the high and it's great for the wake and bake”

  • “A very tasty strain that is a complete sativa on the uptake but then shows its blue dream genetics by making you very cozy both physically and mentally after a bit. Easy to sleep on this bad boy but it doesn't knock you out.”