Banana Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Put this on your cereal! This strain will wake up your lungs, for sure. This is a good strain for a laid back day. Great for a walk or relaxing bike ride. Keeps you focused unless you consume too much, then your mind can get a bit "busy"”

  • “If you want to laugh your ass off, i recommend this weed strongly. I smoked 2 bowls of banana diesel and 1 bowl of blueberry and i watched superjail and the tim and eric show on adult swim and i never have laughed so hard in my life. this weed tastes like bananas when exhaling but doesnt smell alot like bananas.”

  • “shared a decent sized joint with one friend. took about 10 minutes to start feeling it. i found myself getting distracted from what i was going to do very easily, but at the same time focused on very small things. couldnt stop laughing (i havent found a strain that doesnt make me laugh) over random things. kinda felt like my brain was twitching occasionally, in a good strange way. my friend started talking about how ...”

  • “It tastes really sweet, and light, it's nice.”

  • “I don't usually leave reviews on bud but this stuff was powerful, at one point I realized I couldn't feel ANYTHING, I Have a cervical fusion and a cage etc radiopathy that spreads in my arms just horrible pain and I couldn't feel my body lol I kinda tripped at first I put out the pre roll cuz you can't get higher than what I was feeling I just was hearing my music from a unknown source which was my headphones I came ...”

  • “Good taste, really potent. Had sex in the shower which was amazing. You get pretty horny and talkative when smoking. I kept finding my self repeating what I said, and would lose focus occasionally.”

  • “I found the banana diesel to be a welcoming relief from recent strains that had me bogged down. It gives you an intense uplifting high that is perfect for wake and bake sessions. It left me feeling intellectually stimulated and wanting to complete unfinished tasks. Definitely recommend this one even for heavy consumers it will brighten your day indeed!”

  • “Wow!! Just wow!! If you're suffering from depression, anxiety, a breakup, lost cat, lost remote control for your t.v, if you got the blues then this is the strain for you. A review said this strain is like a cup of coffee in the morning but it's more like having the best coffee you've ever had and waking up to your direct deposit being in your bank account. Banana diesel is just hands down uplifting.”