Bananas Reviews

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  • “This was - like all his products - very very nice;) The smell was unreal, straight bananas. The taste is very sharp at first and spicy but rolls around to the smell and the flavor of great tasting herb- made me very happy. This wasn't as dry as the other strain and ground up to some fokkin beauty!”

  • “FLOWER Review of LBS's Bananas PERFECTLY BALANCED HYBRID !!! Offers a very EUPHORIC and FUN MIND & BODY HIGH ! with no noticeable uncomfortableness Use ANYTIME on days off & AFTER WORK on days you work Not recommended as a wake and bake because it is very relaxing and you won't want to work LMAO. Most Hybrids claim a 50/50 I/S or close % and allege it will help with muscle relaxation via it's Indica side but ...”

  • “Snoop does it again! Dense buds with skunky and fruity smell Does not smell like Bananas The buds are pointy like Bananas. Lots of Trichomes Yummy”

  • “This strain is fairly complex, the inhale definitely has hints of tropical banana while the exhale has hints of ammonia. Don't smoke to much thinking it's not working.. this strain will creep on you fast, especially when you get up to go get the Cheetos.”

  • “I got a Pre-roll of banana split from Nature's Medicine. it was decent. Couldn't really taste my hits. took the whole thing to get the effect. not a favorite but I'd try it again.”

  • “Gorgeous dense buds with fiery orange hairs. Euphoric and uplifting! As others have stated, it's a quick come up! The initial effects are phenomenal however they don't seem to last long.”

  • “Light green buds with a decent amount of trichomes, a nice density but not the most dense, smokes good in any form but bowls I found best. Smells and taste like bananas. I was soo close to giving this strain 4 stars but the effects didn't last long enough to warrant such a rating, 3.9 I'll say though and I would try this strain again”

  • “this strain is very tasty awesome trycones and always fresh from nature's AZ medicine gives you a nice body high I would suggest for daytime use”