Bandana Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If your T is about average, you don't need very much of this strain to get your way”

  • “Smells awesome, burns awesome, tastes awesome and awesome high..”

  • “This girl is tricky! When I was at the dispensary and gave it a smell and look test, passed look test, almost didn't pass smell. The flower I was smelling had no hint of Banana OG in it, smell wise. It smells VERY Headband like in the jar, witch is fine because I'm all about Headband, but I was wary. I decided to go with instinct and grabbed up some, and I am very happy I did! After breaking it up in a grinder, and ...”

  • “Cut I got is simply beautiful. Smells so pungent, it reminds me of boat fuel and a forest. Very crisp and clean smell. Buds were pretty dense with pinkish orange hairs covering them. The taste is just like the smell but takes more to the earthy flavor ide say, but in no way covers up that nice pungent taste. Effects for me were pretty fast acting and calming. Made me talk a good amount and laughing came a lot easier....”

  • “Honestly best bud I've smoked. 👌🏽”

  • “stoned af”