BC Big Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “it says its a sativa dom on leafy but this shit this stuff put me right to sleep i felt it right away relaxed euphoric happy just put me in a good mood instantly smells really sweet and earthy kind of a nutty good stuff i would give this a 4.2 out of 5”

  • “The name speaks for itself. It comes from the Canadian Seed Banks - was used to help cross to make Critical+. Good nug structure. Got its name from the size of the colas.”

  • “Easy to grow, huge colas, great earthy-pine taste.”

  • “I Hit this and within three minutes this is what is happening so far. Got up early, did a morning routine, after eating toked on this vape, and I was there. Before: Stress 6/10, Pain 4/10, MDD 8/10 After: Stress 1 or a 2/10 pain is a 3/10 and MDD is 1/10. MDD"Mood Deficit Disorder".”

  • “This is fantastic, I have had a lesser strain of this bud before. Now I am trying this again and it's one of the strains that work for me. I can remember quiet a lot and my action represent all of the keys that I am typing lol XD. By far this is not an over powering strain like ak-47, or GCxSD *GreenCrack x Sour Diesel*. I recommend this for people who have pain, stress, PMS, Mood Disorders, Anorexia ADD/ADHD and Alz...”

  • “reminded me of a citrus berry....just enough head with enough body to take the pain away...haven't seen this around in like 8 years.”

  • “Effects: -Relaxed -Creative -Euphoric -Focused -Giggly -Happy -Hungry -Slightly harsh smoke -Dry mouth -Dry/red eyes -Body high Flavours: -Pungent -Earthy -Sweet -Skunk”

  • “I've had some of this. I quite enjoyed it. Great for my work. Smells amazing. No aches in my hands”