BC Roadkill Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “very much a 'head-high' effect -it creeps up on you ,takes what seems like forever (well ok ...that could be the whole distortion of time thing ) and then suddenly you realize " wow! I am super high" .Works wonderfully well on migranes I had one this morning and a half hour after smoking realize its barely perceptable now.No sleepiness or 'couch lock' w/ this one- very funtional, good for daytime.”

  • “Beats all the higher-priced kush strains around here for me. Not as heavy body high but very strong mind high, has you chasing your train of thought... Can be pretty creative too, (if your short term memory can keep up) and can get you energetic (if you`re not lazy and unmotivated). Lots of laughter”

  • “This strain is grown locally from someone I know, but the seeds come from British Columbia. The buds are beautiful with long red hairs and colored purplish-blue. It has a really strong scent hence the name BC Roadkill. When it is smoked the buzz is very euphoric and causes you to become very creative; artistic beyond belief. Overall it is one of my favorite strains of bud that I smoke, I recommend it to anyon...”

  • “Really good bud. Smoked a couple of bowls and a joint of it and I must say, this bud is great. I feel very euphoric, a nice tingly sensation as well. Makes me hungry too, and food tastes really good with this. Music is also highly recommended by me.”

  • “I like strains that have a strong psychedelic edge, with heavy audio and visual sensations, so this became a personal favourite for me. I didn't experience any creeping, it came on fast. Music and visual enhancement, best of any strain I've ever tried. A nice steady euphoria (if that makes sense), without any speediness or anxiety. The whole time, calming waves roll through the body. Long lasting, too. Hit at 3pm and...”

  • “one of the best yet for me”

  • “Nickname it Super Weed”

  • “Amazing. Grown three different outdoor crops and customers go crazy for it every harvest.”