Beastmode OG Reviews

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  • “When I got a 1/4th of this, the nuggets were packed so tight that it fit in a standard 1/8th size capsule--because of that, I was able to appreciate the aroma, which places me in the middle of some vivid pine forest. It's the type of smell that warrants a "close your eyes and inhale". The overall look is as follows: short yet wide, dense buds that are pale grey in color, yielding plentiful trichomes that can be illu...”

  • “Experience: Strong from the get-go. Her kisses leave a tingle in the nose, mouth, and tongue. Yes, yes! Usage: Will have you exhibiting sweet-ass dance moves around the house, cats be damned! Look/Feel: Large white crystals cover the buds along with abundant orange/brown hairs. Scent: Touches of Tobacco, with sweet rich tannins, like a fine cabernet. Leaves your mouth watering. Also has hints of green tea, with ...”

  • “It's probably the best strain I've ever had”

  • “Perfectly suited name! Excellent strain! Definitely one of my new favorites. A life saver for my back pain, and it didn't take much at all. Had me happy and smiling in no time!”

  • “Beast Mode......... So god like”

  • “holy mind fucking onex platypus!) I'm standing in my kitchen with the most wooden spoon you can find in my hand and a tortellini on the stove in a pot. my body knows "holy god damning mind fuck I'm high"”

  • “I give this smoke a strong 5. Beastmode OG for President!!! Just a few hits puts you right where you need to be.”

  • “Great strain if your looking to be relaxed. and just like beast mode this flower will run you over.”