Bedford Glue Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This variety of glue strains has a great medical profile . When used. It has no anxiety effects even with ranges of thc in the 20% range and higher . When smoked the onset is quick and is great at pain relief and muscle spasms . This is one of the best medical strains I have found so far that has a wide range of medicinal uses . Also has a mood uplift quality to it . I give it a five since it's the best medical strai...”

  • “Really good strain, great upbeat high. Bedford Grow has some of the best strains available to Illinois medical patients”

  • “Very smooth and uplifting. Great choice for the afternoon session. The headyness comes on pretty quick. Smoke too much of it can get you a bit too relaxed.”

  • “Great for many medical uses . Has thca in the 20% and higher . This strain is really relaxing .”