Berry Bomb Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Cross of a hand selected Blueberry mother with the all powerful Bomb #1 father. Buds are super frosty with a sweet berry perfume and taste. The plant yields as high as 20% THC content and is an indica dominant hybrid. This strain gives a clear head high along with a slight relaxed feeling. Giving off a strong pungent smell but has a sweet blueberry flavor that you would expect from a blueberry strain.”

  • “It's dense, it's frosty and it will put you on your ass singing along to classic rock hits before you realize 15 mins have gone by and your mouth feels like the damn Sahara desert. After curing the severe Cotten mouth you can then enjoy a nice relaxing nap where ever your at or relax on the couch and daze out to a shitty cable tv show.”

  • “Since I rarely smoke I only put a pinto bean sized amount in my glass. Tasted really fresh and almost mentholated as I exhaled through my nose. It's a very mellow body buzz and feels great after my long week of construction work. No anxiety or nervousness at all. I am just feeling quite pillowy. Only draw back for me is that it expanded in my lungs a bit, but what could I expect from an old school short pipe. Highly ...”

  • “BerryBomb is tasty and very relaxing strain. I smoked it couple of times and it was pretty damn good.”

  • “Nice taste of blueberry. Mellow relaxing But uplifting. This would be a great daytime medicine. I believe with a bit more it would help you get to sleep. I am an indica lady,But This is a very SWEEET bud.”

  • “I obtained my most recent batch from Metropolitan Wellness as grown by Alternative Solutions in DC. It was lab tested at 23% thc and 7% cbv. the flowers are tight, pale moss green, absolutely covered with crystals. the taste, vaped via a pax2, is lightly berry-flavored with a rich earthiness. it took about five minutes before the high came quickly a-creeping. as sometimes happens to me with many indicas, I had a s...”

  • “A sweet strain. The high creeps up and has a short but hard climax. Kinda disappointing how short the high is. Makes me KO everytime though lol”

  • “Berry Bomb is super impressive. She is a massive producer. It grows vigorously once rooted. At about three weeks it turns from a pretty frosty green to a light purple with loads of white hairs. Berry Bomb smells amazing!! Like berries!!! It's probably the prettiest strain I've grown so far. My previous favorite being Cinex. Cloning her is easy, however a little slower to root then I'm used to.”