Berry OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Shortly after smoking you will feel a strong head buzz building up; then, right before it peaks, the sensation disperses throughout your body making you feel comfortably heavy. Suddenly you find yourself covered by a blanket of relaxation and euphoria as you enter a neurological black hole in which time, sounds, and thoughts are stretched and morphed. My favorite thing about this strain is that it allows you to focus...”

  • “Was a great strain to wind down after work, recommended by my bud tender who was super happy with it just after a lunch break WINK WINK! LMAO! so I just had to look & feel that good, THX PARC!”

  • “Love the taste right off the bat it taste like berries I'm getting the piney smell and also a sweet smell it's a relaxing smoke really good feelings feels like my muscles are all relaxed so that's good 😂😂 smoking this at 3am so this might be good enough to knock me out for the night so so good strain i'd smoke again”

  • “Not recommending this for people who suffer from mood swings, Bipolar Disorder, or any type of chemical imbalance in the brain. I only say that because my friend has crazy mood swings, pretty sure she's Bipolar, this made her nuts. She went through every emotion in 2 hours - it was entertaining, but insane to experience and watch. However, for me, it was pretty good for a late night smoke - rolled this with a Gree...”

  • eb

    “This hits hard and heavy, smoking and vapping at sametime”

  • “I just smoked a small bowl of this incredible strain and I love it. i thought Midnight kush was the best flavor and high I've ever had. this is my new favorite strain.”

  • “Amazing, I had a blast with the great tasting Berry OG”

  • “It has a beautiful aroma that you can't resist sticking your face in the bag and just getting a large whiff of. The high is very good, lots of calming tendencies. Do get a little bit munchy but that's not the worst thing that could happen. Overall, great bud.”