Bettie Page Reviews

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  • “O.K. this is a real good strain for doing chores, working in the garden or sitting around a kitchen table with friends and talking till mid-night or beyond. I like making art while smoking this strain. It sets my creative juices flowing and gives me energy enough to attack my work with vigor and joy. I've been smoking for nearly 50 years but until recently had little experience with this quality of smoke. So I'...”

  • “This is an excellent strain for daytime use!! I originally went into my dispensary asking for a cartridge of harlequin since it helps me focus and eases my back pain. She was out and suggested Bettie instead- she said it's a mix of jack herer and... something. Anyway, I have ADHD, back pain, muscle spasms , and anxiety- this took the edge off my anxiety in one hit, and over the next half hour I felt my mood improve...”

  • “Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog - --Brand: Jackpot Seaweed Strain: Bettie Page True Hybrid -- Potency Analysis: TTL 19.5% THC 19.2% CBD 0.3% -- Packaging: 5" x 3.25" yellow and clear plastic and mylar rip-top, zip-top bag Cost: $15/gram -- Sometimes you come across some legendary strains. It's hard for commercial producers or processors to really the hi...”

  • “Bomb! Taste of lavender a little berry to it. Smelled amazing slight fuel berry hints behind it. Definenlty makes the sense of touch enhanced so arousal with this strain. I also felt like creating something regardless what it may be with focus behind it. Thanks Mindrite in Portland”

  • “One of the best Terpene profiles I'll ever come across.”

  • “Great all day kind of smoke. Doesn't zone you out or make you panic. Just turns the "Dial of Life" up a notch or two from where you currently are.”

  • “Nice taste, a bit spicy with a pine/woodsy overtone. I got mine at Evergreen Market. Liberty Reach has never failed me so if some of their stock is available, pick it up!”

  • “I picked this up in a vape at Local Roots in Everett during their 420 sale. I wasn't familiar with the strain but it was took good of a sale to pass up. After reading the reviews on here I decided it was probably best to save this one for chore day. I spent the last 7 hours puffing this vape and cleaning my house. I struggle with pain and fatigue but sativa dominants tend to make me a bit too anxious, I found this to...”