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Biddy Early Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “wow. this is insane. if you want a sativa dominant hybrid that blows you away but keeps you at an enjoyable wavelength, try some biddy early! went out and talked all night :D maybe a bit too much actually. dense purple colour on some of the smaller popcorn sized buds too! new fav.”

  • “Yea I have been waiting for someone to review this. Its a great strain I just did it. I did the Serious Seed version of Biddy Early. It was indoor. It was easy. It hates hot air, and make sure it has plenty of oxygen through your roots. I would use extra perlite and soil. If you do that, you will get a nice, like pure suger, bubblegum taste, it takes about 50-60 days. It has beautiful flowers purple pink, and then fa...”

  • “Best vaping cannabis. Smooth, relaxing.”

  • “I am in love with this strain. She has great gross, the aroma and flavor are the biggest draw for me. With a sweet diesel, floral flavors, she rocks my world!”

  • “One of the best strains I have ever grown, blazed, or experienced. Sweet, diesel fast. Hard nuts with little to no airation. Stone is complete, with an equal head and body high! I will always love and grow this strain!”

  • “I was surprised with this strain, its a lot more of a sativa than advertised. Has a very haze like high I find, and a strong lemon candy flavor/smell.”

  • “my experience with Biddy was top shelf. Out of the gate I was assaulted with a wicked wave of dizziness bordering on tunnel vision like a head rush on steroids. after I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead I relaxed into a wonderful evening of blissfulness. I was relieved of all body aches and felt feather light as my perception of my surroundings focused and all was right once again in my world😃”

  • “I guess my experience was more of an Indica experience with the emphasis on internalization😉 seems like most have the sativa effects. that's what makes hybrids special right?”