Big Band Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very nice aroma and taste. Gave me a hellva body high floaty and tingles . The head with a spin but I had taken two shots as well. Focus was a laser beam though. A chill, wind down after work or nothing much to do strain for me. No munchies.”

  • “Super variété de kannabia prête en 55j de floraison !! des têtes calibrées productive compacte peu de feuille a la manucure et des saveurs bubble,chewing-gum,barbes a papa!”

  • “its a mellow high, definitely not good for productivity but make a great after work bud.”

  • “Doesn't give me too big of munchies really. I smoke this when I want to function but take the edge off stress. Obviously smoking enough of this will make you pretty baked. But I can get pretty high off this and still take walks at night with music. Very euphoric, warm buzzy feeling. Usually not accompanied by giggle fits.”

  • “I love this smoke! Very chill buzz, relaxing with a little giggling to go with it. Nice for late TV, where I was constantly picking up on unnoticeable stuff, while some stuff that should have been noticed...well, I didn't notice, lol! Great smell and taste, not much paranoia with just a coasting high. Only bad thing for me is massive munchies! Still a 5 from me...try it, I think you'll like it! I sure do!”

  • “The bubblegum flavor is wicked good, you can taste it in the top of your head if that makes sense. It has made me higher than Pikes Peak.”

  • “Very sweet taste and scent with a nice sleepy high. Good for bedtime.”