Big Buddha Cheese Reviews

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  • “- Beautiful snowy buds bring an excellent all-around experience. - Perfect for delving into creative projects, and deep appreciation of music and sensation. - Alluring aroma of rich sweetness is a calming and healing inception to your experience. - Grinding more deeply reveals its unique, sweet, gently funky, cheesy, fresh and floral scent for an awesome olfactory prelude and primer. - Flexible and adaptable to varie...”

  • “Grinding this strain can be difficult as the buds are full of sticky trichomes! When ground the distinctive dank smell of the strain gets stronger. When smoked it gives a strong earthy cheesy taste; when effects start to kick in dry mouth does too, but nothing a drink can't fix. Head high is still present but less so with this hybrid, though almost psychedelic effects from bright colours is noticeable. The body high ...”

  • “Living in the UK, absolutely brilliant strain, much better to enjoy with friends due to the euphoric, giggly aspect. Never smelled anything like this before it has a very savoury smell, more like a food than a plant! Still though, tastes beautiful because of this and is definitely the most memorable characteristic about this strain. The high comes in stages, first of all for the first half hour or so it's very euphor...”

  • “This strain, as it says in the decription, is truly unique. Perfect for days out (i medicated my self with this when walking around a small lake a warm summer day, super nice btw), with a strong sativa dominant strain like this is, it gets you good! The end this, i'd say there is no wonder why Bic Buddah Cheese is put out as one of England's most well warmed buds. 4'5/5”

  • “One of the most balanced highs I've ever had. I was perfectly relaxed in way that made me content, but not lazy. I remained social and mentally focused. I have been hunting for this strain ever since I tried my friend's.”

  • “This is a very very dank strain, "Big Buddha Cheese" it's a MUST try for all, It has now become my #2 Hybrid, it pretty much helps with almost everything! Definitely try this one if you come across it, I swear all these cheese strains have amazing properties! Definitely a must try for all because it's sooooooo potent, enjoy all. I'll upload a pic of this dank cuz it's insane....”

  • “This is a very common strain to attain within rural surrey, that being it has a strong family line and is well refined. This bud burns with pungent earthy cheese aroma; which brings relaxation to the user. I love this strain if I need something quick to chill with. Peace with all, sn00pd0gg”

  • “Okei, this is a first-time review of this strain for me and i have to say that about 10 min in it seems really mellow and plesant without being a earthgrounder. Let me start with the beginning while this f**ker kicks in 😉 The bud itself has a strong aroma of cheese as you would expect but also of diesel i found, and almost to much infact. But when grinded the cheese aroma took over completly, and the grinded bud eas...”