Big Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is so relaxing!full body relaxation.”

  • “The buzz is quite good, chill, very kush-like. Good for my back. Now on the taste and smell: it's amazing. One of my all time favorite strains smell and taste-wise. If you, like me, enjoy citrusy, fruity smells and tastes in your bowl, i highly recommend getting it if it crosses your way.”

  • “First time trying this strain. So since I saw it had properties to combat nausea I just couldn't resist. Got it in a sugar wax form. I was on the verge of dry heaving before I heated up that nail and within seconds of inhaling a fat rip the nausea vanished! A gentle cerebral tingling, a blanket feeling of relaxation and calm. Love it. Not too couch lock feel. But I know I'd have no difficulty falling asleep. I recomm...”

  • “Big Kush is 50/50 Hybrid that leaves you feeling uplifted and happy. Its a great strain if you suffer from PTSD, Depression, and stress. I can see pixles in the air. Its visually alteering more then a lot of other strains. I know everyone is different but I felt very relaxed and slightly couch locked. An awesome day or night strain.”

  • “Don't try it, I spin kicked my nana when I had a bong of this”