Big Smooth Reviews

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  • “What an amazing strain! Never heard of it before, and now coming here I'm seeing that it's new! I'm super excited to be among the first to review it! It takes like a blueberry glazed cake donut, in a way. It smells sweet like berries, its earthy, and piney. It comes on super strong, so it might be one to look out for if you're new to smoking. And its effect are distributed pretty evenly. Firstly, it hits you like a t...”

  • “I picked up some Big Smooth about 5 or 6 months ago at my local Oakland dispensary with absolutely no knowledge of it other than there was Cookies & Cream with some sort of Blueberry lineage. The budtender was insistent that I give this a whirl, so I grabbed an 1/8th of flower. That 1/8th went quickly, lol! The smell of blueberry was for sure there and as mentioned in other reviews, there was a "doughy" finish. L...”

  • “Its perfect for growing indoors. A very satisfying plant to grown indoors. Make sure to FIM so to ensure you get a lot of buds. Also this plant loves Dyna-grow's foliage pro and bloom. All who have tried my first harvest love it. It is strong so newbie beware.”

  • “Muy buena m, relajante ara descansar en las noches su sabor es a maria pero muy potente en vape”

  • “It's blueberry flavor is shocking and this strain is described perfectly here on leafly”

  • “It does taste like a blueberry dough maybe pancakes. It's description is true and described to a T”

  • “Great evening strain to chill with and get you in the right mind setting for a good nights sleep. Great smell and taste in the concentrate form that I tried from From Silver State Trade that made the Big Smooth strain CO2 cartridge. It allows you to eat some food, watch a movie and go to bed without any problems. Great strain.”