Bio-Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I just really liked the taste of Bio-Diesel. It's a taste I can't even describe.”

  • “Unbelievable euphoria. I am quite susceptible to these effects since my tolerance is relatively low, I recommend smoking this strain slowly and in small amounts if your tolerance is low like mine - in other words smoke blunts and joints, not buckets and bongs. Unless of course you are a regular smoker, in which case, enjoy this strain like any other but indulge in a completely unique body/head high.”

  • “I came into Medicinal Wellness hoping to find someone with knowledge to what could help me with my glaucoma. I have found in my past experiences . I'm often driven in the wrong direction by unknowledgeable Budtenders. Right away I was greeted by two friendly female Budtenders. I was given the grand tour and I say grand tour lightly. Wide-eyed like a little child in a candy store by the huge selection of flower and jo...”


  • “I'm not a sativa smoker but this strain is exceptional. An instant cerebral high followed by a deep, relaxing body high that is great social smoke, this skunky strain is a must try.”

  • “Nice taste, very strong smelling, instant mood changer in the way I went from moody to none-caring and happy :) Would recommend to anyone after a long, stressful day :D”

  • “This strain looks beautiful and sparkly and the effects are very pronounced, with pressure behind my eyes, a sure sense of focus without any couch-lock. I should say that if I wanted to, I could either clean my house or take a nap. The smoke itself is expansive but smooth with no harshness or overwhelming diesel taste. I felt a definite tingly warmth starting with my face. This would be a really good strain to sh...”

  • “Great for pain. I've got an insane toothache and vicodin won't even help. I light up some of this and almost instantly the pain vanishes. The relief only lasts as long as the high. But any relief is worth it until my insurance starts!”