Black Cherry Cheesecake Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Feeling down? For whatever reason? Ice storm, rainy day, love life troubles... if you are down because of that thing, and you're like me, Black Cherry Cheesecake will lift you. That said, it'll take it's sweet cheese-cakey time doing so. Bcc is a creeper that keeps creeping, kind of like one of those junky old carnival rides that takes you through a haunted house that's more funny than scary. ?? Yep, that kind of rid...”

  • “Today getting baked on an empty stomach vaping Black Cherry Cheesecake, a cartridge by C02. Not sure what I think of the C02 brand yet, but so far I like the feel and taste of the Select Strains cartridges better. CO2's tip is plastic and has a plastic looking encasement, and I think it is giving the vapors a plasticky taste. The Select Strains brand has what looks to be a metal or ceramic tip, which is why I feel...”

  • “This may be my fav strain to date. Kinda forget pain/nausea scale when I medicated round 2330? Takes 5-10 min to start working. Pain nausea gone. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (a must). Head buzz smooth & mellow. Def a worker bud but can go to sleep also after medicating. Body high dang near perfect. Tastes like cherry coke to me (yum). High lasts for a few hours' longest lasting since I got my card last 9/2013. Very highly r...”

  • “Black Cherry Soda and cheese dominant this hybrid. The coverage of tricomes is on point. Super dense sticky and fucking tasty too!”

  • “This strain has a sweet potent aroma and it has a bold sweet berry taste as well. The appearance of the strain is overall purple and it gives you a huge body high, but you are fairly focused.”

  • “I think the best strain yet. Very good high but yet I can clearly focus. It also caused arousal for my husband and I which is another plus.”

  • “I heard this strain was a cross of legendary genetics.,Black cherry soda, UK Cheese and Super Silver Haze. It definitely lives up to the parents. Amazing colors, fruity smell with a cheese undertone and a soaring high of SSH with a nice body stone. Very euphoric. This strain has it all and really relieved my anxiety better than most I've tried. A+++”

  • “Good strain made me feel really high and energetic”