Black Cherry Pie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Taste is out of this world! Rich flavor and wonderful high. This bud doesn't couch lock me, but I also feel the effects perfectly! It's a nice balance of body and head...Highly recommended!”

  • “A favorite in the Santa Cruz Mountains! This flower is impressive on many levels.. Immediately and at first glance I was gifted with an optical orgasm! This flower is absolutely gorgeous! Royal plum colored purples laying over vibrant green exterior. When snapped open it's is as if you were looking through a trichome kaleidoscope of purple and green neon spectrum. It's effects are calming and truly do settle an ups...”

  • “I LOVE Black Cherry Pie. My go-to strain to calm my menstrual cycle when I need pain relief without sacraficing full mental alertness. I also find it enhances creativity while maintaining productive focus. Black Cherry Pie has an absolutely beautiful and impressive aesthetic. It's so purple! Hands down, my favorite most verstile strain.”

  • “Exactly like cherry pie in effect, maybe more mellow. Dark green buds with dark purple leaves throughout. Good daytime strain because it doesn't cause couch-lock.”

  • “Smells fruity like cereal smokes great fluffy taste good”