Black Dahlia Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This bud is very dark, almost black in color. It is noticeably darker in color than any other bud that sits next to it. The taste is almost cigar-like, with a smoky strong taste that is not in any way like skunk or 'normal' bud. It's a great after dinner smoke, with a shot of single malt or port wine. The effects are of course different according to the user, but was enjoyable for me, not in a debilitating way, jus...”

  • “The CBD level of Divine Kind's batch of Dhalia is out of this world. It gets me through tough mornings with my gastrointestinal issues.”

  • “It is actually a cross between Black Domina and Hindu Buddha, took my Prostate from 14cm to 3cm when made into RSO, when smoked was the best Aphrodisiac while relieving the body tension, pain associated with Prostate Cancer, appetite was enhanced yet not over powering to make me gorge on to much. While on the RSO I found that my white cells increased faster which made my oncologist quite shocked, t-cell increase was ...”

  • “Great for pain and sleep. By far one of the best strains out there. Its a head and body high.”

  • “My nose found this jar and I had to try some right away. The taste was not unpleasant, but not what I would call exotic or sexy.”

  • “First time I tried this strain in wax. I couldn't stop coughing and after that went away, boom I was spacing away and I felt good and happy and pain free. I do enjoy this strain.”

  • “very good for mild pain and stress relief. stacks well also. flavor of cola comes out midway in smoke”

  • “Black dahlia continues to be the perfect match for my bipolar. Couple puffs I'm relaxed and can focus. Doesn't take much for a good body and mind relaxant. Glad local dispensary keeps it in stock”