Black Velvet Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is some good shit. Ian was telling me about it, I looked it up on here and knew I needed this! I was right! It's awesome. I love how focused and creative it makes me. It's legit and I love it <3”

  • “Not to be smoked if you have things to do. Great for night time smoking, but you'll be horribly ineffective and inefficient if you smoke this during the day time.”

  • “Smooth and tastes a little like flowers and cheese oddly.”

  • “Evidently I am sensitive to cannabinoids as I experience highs on and off for 3 days after use of any strain. I grind then vaporize. This strain made me tired and seems best for insomnia.”

  • “this stuff was so amazingly good i cant wait to get some more... On my way to G.O.E, good for major relaxation and high stress. amazing for pain helps you to forget about it!!!!!!! ahhhh... HEAVENLY.....”

  • “Defiantly suggest”

  • “tastes quite nice. even tho I'm sick I can still kinda taste it, and it's quite glorious. to me, the smell is kinda like resin-y donuts. delectable, in a word. purchase necessary.”

  • “I was feeling completely nauseous prior to smoking this strain. It completely got rid of it and totally relaxed me. The great thing about this strain is that its well balanced. I was able to still be productive while being extremely happy. This is a great strain for any time of the day.”