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Black Velvet Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Evidently I am sensitive to cannabinoids as I experience highs on and off for 3 days after use of any strain. I grind then vaporize. This strain made me tired and seems best for insomnia.”

  • “This is some good shit. Ian was telling me about it, I looked it up on here and knew I needed this! I was right! It's awesome. I love how focused and creative it makes me. It's legit and I love it <3”

  • “Smooth and tastes a little like flowers and cheese oddly.”

  • “Not to be smoked if you have things to do. Great for night time smoking, but you'll be horribly ineffective and inefficient if you smoke this during the day time.”

  • “this stuff was so amazingly good i cant wait to get some more... On my way to G.O.E, good for major relaxation and high stress. amazing for pain helps you to forget about it!!!!!!! ahhhh... HEAVENLY.....”

  • “The smells are true, flowery and citrus, smells great, definitely does have balanced effects. This is definitely a good strain in my book. I like the indica effects to it and the cerebral sati a side was just the right amount. I had no problems with this strain. I would use this during the day or evening, depending if you want to chill or eat then sleep.”

  • “This bud will take from anorexia to starring on My 600 Pound Life. I suggest smoking just before a HUGE meal. You'll want the food, ALL the food. Do not smoke if you're trying to lose weight.”

  • “This strain knocked me the fuck out in 2 hours. Black velvet is nothing to underestimate especially if it comes out of a dispensary. It is a very powerful strain”